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Happy Birthday Digi-Chrome!



To all our friends, clients, and my talented team of visionaries, I want to thank you all for helping Digi-Chrome Studios get off the ground twenty-six years ago this October 26th. I credit all of you for our great success and for allowing me to follow a silly dream. Well maybe not so silly after all. We have grown, honed our skills, and taken on unfamiliar waters with great success. I don’t know what’s next on this incredible journey, but whatever is just around the corner is what excites me. I frequently look at our website and I’m still amazed at all we have accomplished. The future is wide open and exciting, and I promise we will keep up the spirit, enthusiasm and creative vision we have displayed for all of these twenty-six years. Happy Anniversary to all of us at DCS!



Happy 26th Birthday Digi-Chrome!

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