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New Space!

2020 has been quite possibly one of the biggest years for change. Some bad change but some very good, and still a large majority of unknown. Digi-Chrome Studios came to a halt like most of the country mid March, when we were shut down due to the uncertainty of what Covid-19 was. We were in the midst of completing a large video production for a Campaign founded by Glenn Close, which was such an honor to be apart of. During that time everyone was glued to the TVs awaiting announcements and trying to learn what the next steps would be. We weren’t sure what to expect, we didn’t know when the studio would re-open, we didn’t know the state of our clients, and we didn’t even know how to adapt when there was no clear understanding of a “new normal.”

With the support from our employees, DCS closed mid March and we re-opened full time mid June. With that re-open many new rules and safety precautions were put into place. That phrase “walking on eggshells” has never been more felt than it has those last few months. Digi-Chrome is up and running, but we do still encounter situations where we’re not sure what’s right from wrong. Our first and most important responsibility is to keep our staff and clients safe.

That being said, DCS came out on top of the virus and we are more busy than we could have ever imagined. We are so happy to re-group with past, current and brand new clients. We love seeing familiar faces and are glad to be back in a routine. We’re not a “standstill” group of people and have been thankful that we’ve hit a point where taking a break and having a moment to think, is not on the normal day to day list. Thanks to all the photoshoots and video shoots that have filled our schedules for the last few months, and will continue through the New Year we feel a sense of normalcy.

Busy is great, we say it all the time; but with that comes the feeling of not having enough space to accommodate the ever growing work coming our way. So, in good ole Digi fashion, we have decided to expand our already large studio! We have acquired a “too good to pass up” opportunity on a 6,000 square foot space; a hallway over from our studio, literally. Does it get better than that?! We are eager to bring a brand new, wide open, more private space to the needs of our clients! Digi always has one goal in mind – make the people and the companies that come to us for projects, feel like friends & family. We have been fortunate and honored to be where we currently are with the business. We look forward to what is to come over the course of the remaining months of 2020 before we head into the New Year with more clear, safe and healthier day to day lives.

With an open floor plan, white walls, high ceilings, large windows running the full length of the building, and client lounges; it really is beautiful space! Having this additional  6,000 square feet of new studio space, in the same building, allows us to take on even more projects. Although it can be used for multiple purposes, this new space lends itself perfectly for fashion & retail productions. We cannot wait for you to come check it out!

Check out the before and afters of the space! We cannot wait for you to see it!

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