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No Normal

Bring Change to Mind is a non profit organization founded by actress Glenn Close. Established in 2010 and dedicated to encouraging dialog about mental health and raising awareness.

Digi-Chrome Studios was offered the opportunity to create a National Broadcast Campaign for BC2M’s “No Normal” and to work closely with Endeavor Films. From the initial design inspiration, to a complete build of 4 large scale sets and all the extensive propping and styling; Digi-Chrome Studios was able to complete the production on time and on budget. We were able to produce something Amazing, Rewarding and Meaningful.

This commercial was one of our last massive projects before COVID-19. The Digi-Chrome Studios Team worked long days and nights to make this a success. DCS looks forward to future projects and enjoyed the opportunity of working for such a fantastic Campaign and alongside a great group of people from Endeavor.

If you haven’t already, or missed the commercial come across your TV, please take some time and watch the video in the link below!

As a photography studio during these uneasy times, we are eager to get back to work and continue to create amazing work, both still photography and videography, for all of our current and future clients!

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