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At Digi-Chrome Studios we are fortunate to have many talented and vital women on our team. So today is a perfect day to introduce each of them and give thanks for their continued contributions to the success of DCS.

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No Normal

Digi-Chrome Studios was offered the opportunity to create a National Broadcast Campaign for BC2M’s “No Normal” and to work closely with Endeavor Films. From the initial design inspiration, to a complete build of 4 large scale sets and all the extensive propping and styling; Digi-Chrome Studios was able to complete the production on time and on budget. We were able to produced something Amazing, Rewarding and Meaningful.

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I’m a Baller!

Many of you may have seen the “I’m a Baller” commercial on TV about LG’s new Craft Ice Refrigerator, and if you haven’t - give it a google! From the early stages of set design, to the final LIVE production, Digi-Chrome Studios played a major role in collaborating with LG and their creative agency. From a fully functioning kitchen build (walls, to tiling, to cabinets being built and counters being laid, with all the essential appliances in 100% working order), to Casting, Story-Boarding, Talent, Producing & Styling, amongst so many other aspects.

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Digi-Chrome Studios Covid-19 Precautions

Digi-Chrome Studios Friends and Family, Digi-Chrome Studios is committed to doing the right thing for our clients and the very talented people that work at DCS. Given the rapidly changing COVID-19 information, DCS is monitoring the crisis very carefully. We remain open for the rest of this week with a very limited staff. Some of our staff will be working from home for your photography and post production needs.

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